Rules & Regulations - Pentasia All-in League 2017/18

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Dear league participants,

The preliminary round kicks off today with Bethard vs. Catena Media (8:30 PM) and iGaming Elite vs. Continental Fluffers (9:30 PM).

Below you can see all the rules and regulations, e.g. that there will be a kick-in of the ball hits the roof net, and that the substituting player must exit the pitch before another enters. Also note that sliding tackles are not allowed.

On a general note: Rules and regulations are set up with a firm belief in mutual trust, respect and flexibility. However, in case severe misconduct occurs, the penalties will be harsh. We will listen to reason, but if we have to, we will enforce that the word of the league management is final.

If a player gets a red card, the team cannot replace him. The team captains are also responsible to provide the referee with the correct name of the person who got the red card. 2 yellow cards give a 2 match ban.

Also be careful with challenges close to the wall.


Pentasia Clubs League
Rules & Regulations 2017/18
Version 2.1

All communication should be sent via email to

1.0 – Tournament Entry Requirements
Each team may register an unlimited number of players. Players do not have to be employed with the company for which they are playing. Ladies are also welcome to participate in this event.
Enrollment fee for 17/18 season depends on time of registration. This might change for 18/19 season. VAT is added to the below amounts.
By 3rd April: €500
By 1st May: €525
By 1st June: €550
By 1st July: €575
By 1st August: €600
All teams must provide the coordinating team with contact details of two different members in charge of the team. We also ask for email addresses of all team members to ease communication.
All teams shall send a list of players before 2nd October. Players can be added at any time; however they must be added to the list at least 2 days before their first game. Players must be registered in time and have played at least one game in order to participate in the league cup.
Only one company has entered two teams this season: Gaming Innovation Group. The 2nd team have been given permission to use three players from the 1st team but only when needed, namely Endre Nesset, Eirik Thorvaldsen and Nick Michael Christensen.

2.0 – Schedule and Tournament Structure
The tournament will start October 2nd 2017 and finish by Thursday 3rd May 2018.
Matches are normally played during the following time slots:
Monday 20:30-22:30
Tuesday 20-22
Wednesday 20-22
Thursday 20:30-22
Friday 19-23
The league management will try to accommodate all reasonable requests regarding when to play, including rescheduling (which teams should obviously try to avoid). The league management reserves the right to introduce new rules when it comes to scheduling.
All games are played at Luxol.
The schedule can be found here
6 teams were seeded for the preliminary round based on their history to avoid uneven groups. There were no objections to this.
Calculate 1 hour for each match.
There will be a break over Christmas and in February during ICE/LAC.
Each team will play a minimum of 15 games (walkover permitting). The tournament will be composed of three main stages as follows:
Preliminary round (6 groups of 4 or 5 teams)
League round (League 1 and League 2)
2 teams from each preliminary group to League A and two teams to League B. For the groups with 5 teams the number 3 teams can choose which league they want to play in. If all of these 3 teams choose the same league then the team with the most points goes to League A and the team with the least points to League B.
16 teams qualify for the cup: 10 teams from League 1 and 6 teams from League 2.
Cup will be played like this (one match ties):
Round of 16
Round of 8
Quarter Finals
Semi Finals
Bronze Final and Final
Cup matches will be played in the same format as league matches (but see below re: penalty shootouts).
For league and cup play we will try to avoid games on Maltese public holidays.

3.0 – Match Info
Matches start strictly 5 minutes past the half or full hour (in order to give teams a chance to warm up on the pitch).
2 × 24 minute matches.
4 minutes for halftime and (forced) change of sides. The time for the halftime can be adjusted by referee when needed.
In case of a tie in the Cup Stage, matches go straight to penalty shootout due to pitch time restrictions. Penalty shootouts are conducted 1 by 1 and concluded as soon as one team scores and the other doesn’t. If both players score or miss, each team gets another penalty. A player that has already shot a penalty cannot shoot again until all other players have shot.
2 X 5 players on the pitch. A referee can decide to award a walk over if one team does not have enough players to field.
A maximum of 5 (five) substitute players per team in addition to players on the pitch.
Each match will be presided over by a referee.
We will not be asking teams to send line-ups after each game. However, if complaints are received, investigated and a team is found guilty of fielding an ineligible player, the team will be suspended for the rest of the season and, depending on the severity, possibly be suspended for future seasons as well.
No dates or times of fixtures are to be changed without the consent of the coordinating team.
League ties shall be decided in descending order:
Direct confrontation
Goal difference
Goals scored in favour
Rock, scissor, paper between team captains or coin flip by league management.
This counts for all phases.
Game Play Laws will be according to FIFA rules to the following exceptions below.
At the end of each game, both captains are responsible to confirm the score together with the referee.
If the kits of both teams match in color, the away team is responsible for arranging different color shirts or bibs. Bibs will normally be given by the pitch office at Luxol (between pitch 2 and the restaurant).

4.0 – Game Play Laws
Referee decisions are final and players will be warned/sent off if the referee (or other players) are abused verbally or physically.
There is a zero-tolerance towards violence. Any violence will result in an immediate ban for the rest of the season (possibly longer). The team captain is obliged to provide the referee with the name of the person(s) in question. If a false name is given or the name of the person(s) in question is not provided, the league management reserves the right to ban the whole team for the rest of the season.
An accumulation of 2 yellow bookings will lead to a suspension of one match.
Sliding tackles are NOT allowed.
Players shall be cautious when challenging close to the walls. Any dangerous challenges shall be strictly punished.
If the ball hits the wall on the sides there will be a kick-in.
If the ball hits roof net there will be a kick in from the side closest to where the ball hit.
If the whole ball goes past a line next to a goal it’s out (ball does not have to hit the wall to be out).
A back pass can be played to the goalkeeper, but he can’t play the ball with this hands. This is subject that the ball is played directly by the defender to the goalkeeper and by his feet.
A goalkeeper can score if he plays the ball with his feet. If the goalkeeper catches the ball with his hand in his area and he then plays the ball with his feet he can score. This means that a goalkeeper can’t score a goal directly with his hands.
Balls will be provided but we encourage teams to bring balls of their own to be safe. The referee will decide the best ball to be used to play the match.
No offside rule.
No goal kicks. Goalkeepers shall place the ball back in play with their hands. Goalkeepers are unable to score directly with a hand throw, unless the ball is touched by a fellow player or opponent prior to entering in goal.
Direct free kick & indirect free kick: a referee puts up his hand when he signals for an indirect free kick only.
Distances: 2 meters distance for fouls and 2 Meter kick-in.
All players must wear appropriate shoes (no long studs etc.). Referee will decide what is appropriate (not dangerous).
Preferably all kits must have a number on their backs.
A player who has been sent off must leave the vicinity of the pitch. The team cannot replace a player which has been sent off.

4.1 – Substitutions
No clock stoppage for substitutions. A substitution may be made at any time, regardless of whether the ball is in play or not. These are better known as fly-substitutions.
Substitutions have to take place from the middle of the pitch where the player on pitch has to have exited the pitch prior to the substitute entering.
The referees can punish teams with yellow card(s) if the substitution is done in a way that gives the substituting team an advantage or their opponents a disadvantage.

4.3 – Walkover & Match rescheduling
Walkovers will be assigned as 6 – 0 on the scoreboard, in favour of the team present on pitch. A walkover will be enforced if a team fails to present itself on the pitch within 5 (five) minutes of game start whistle blow.
A walkover during cup phase will mean the qualification for the next round of the opposing team.
Walkovers will also be assigned also if a team presents itself with less than four players on the pitch. However, if a team has four players on pitch, the game may start. Late team players may join the ongoing game given that the maximum of 10 players in total (on pitch & as substitutes) is maintained.
The league management will try to accommodate reasonable requests for rescheduling but makes no promises. In order to increase the chance of an approved request, we advise that teams contact as soon as they can. Ideally the requesting team have arranged with their opponents so that a solution can be found quickly.
If a team does not attend a match and advises later than 3 PM on match day, they will be suspended from their next game. If it happens again league management reserves the right to ban the team for a number of games or for the rest of the season.
If any matches are to be cancelled due to bad weather, the ground assistant will inform the League Manager which will advise all the captains of the matches of the day. The matches will be re-scheduled as soon as possible.
If a team decides to retire from the tournament, all its remaining games will be given as walkover. No money will be given back and old results will be retained. The committee may decide to call the next team in the waiting list to replace the team retired. This is to avoid further walkovers. All results of games contested will remain untouched. Once retired this team is not allowed to compete in any further phase of the tournament and will not be eligible to any awards. No money will be refunded back.
No litter can be left on the pitch. Before leaving, please clean up and take your trash (esp empty bottles/cans and used napkins) with you.

6.0 – League Management
The league management consists of Mr. Nikola Mraović and Mr. Roy Pedersen.
The role of the league management is to coordinate the running of the league, take extraordinary decisions, investigate and act as communication agency.
Finances shall be managed by the league management.
The league management may at any point in time ask participating teams for proof of identification.

7.0 – Ground Facilities
Showers will be available for everyone.


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