Football Coming Home, SiGMA Cup Style

2017 was the year when SiGMA Cup was established as THE football tournament of the gaming industry. 20 teams participated and an impressive crowd of colleagues and fans showed up to cheer, so it's pretty safe to assume that more than 200 people attended the exciting pre-SiGMA social. It was a sunny day at Luxol, packed with smiles and laughter and we all had a very enjoyable experience.

Gaming Innovation Group ended up winning the tournament after beating Twin in the final.

We were flattered when hearing what Endre Nesset from Gaming Innovation Group had to say after lifting the trophy:

"Whether it's a football tournament, a poker tournament or a party, when the people at All-in Translations are organising an event, you know for a fact that the event will be great".

"We were delighted to see so many friendly faces. Although competitive, the atmosphere was great. We will continue hosting the SiGMA Cup for many years to come. Furthermore, I'd like to say a very special thanks to the referees, the guys at Luxol Sports Complex and everyone that participated in our video shoot", said CEO of All-in Translations Roy Pedersen.

The video mentioned was a spoof of Football Coming Home from 1996. We ran the lyrics through multiple layers of Google Translate and used them for the soundtrack, with footage from the tournament in the background.

It is safe to say that when it comes to translations, humans still outsmart computers. And the end result is always superior when you translate or write about something you love. As you figured out by now, we at All-in Translations do indeed love gaming and sports.

So if you need anything localised or written on these subjects, for example with your World Cup content, just give us a holler!

Drone Footage from Super Cup Final - Microprose Soccer style

Some drone footage from when Unibet (Kindred) and ZP Services met for the Super Cup Final. Looks like the legendary video game Microprose Soccer if you ask us! ZP Services won the game on penalties.

SiGMA Cup 16

This is a highlight reel from All-in Translations' SiGMA Cup 16. Send an email to if you want to sign up for SiGMA Cup 17.

Colourful language at the annual Supportercup in Oslo

Some call it "feelgood football video of the year"!

Great odds in Iceland

EURO 16: No other event has ever attracted more Icelandic men abroad at once. This is the concept we explored when making the first video for Ball In Translations.

23 teams confirmed with one week to go

This season line up!

Captains, do you have what it takes to take the Pentasia All-In trophy home? We're sure ready for it at All In Translations! And this ain't our first rodeo baby. :)